Up tempo country dance

Yes we can

King Arthur's table was just a fable
He wasn't able to keep his knights in line
Out there in Camelot, they used to feud a lot
And then came Lancelot, and he said - Yes we can

I can, you can, he can, she can
We can, they can, everyone can
Nothing is impossible
When we say - Yes we can
Be a winner, be a loser
Any way you want,  you choose Sir
But to win, you must begin
By saying - Yes we can

Go tell your mother, sister and brother
Sweetheart and lover, time is moving on
Now hear the children, they have more wisdom
Than blinkered old men whose days are almost done

When Julius Caesar became the Kiaser
Of the Roman Empire, he had a powerful plan
Then at the Rubicon, wondered should he go on
Before his chance was gone, he said - Yes we can

Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Key change, Chorus x 2