Folk ballad for Cork

Shandon down by the Lee

A one way ticket for me, to fly me over the sea
To Shandon down by the silvery Lee where friendly faces I'll see
In Togher and Faranree, Glanmire and Ballypehane

Take me back again where my heart has been
Since the day I first crossed the Irish sea
Home again' never more to roam again
from my Shandon down by the Lee

Father Matthew stands on St Patrick's bridge
Where the Shandon bells ring out free
In my boyhood bays spent along the quays
Father Matthew watched over me
It's an awful fall from the temperance hall
To a Camden gutter, you see

Fond memories swell in me still, of my boyhood days on Fairhill
Of the days I spent down along The Mall, The Mardyke and Sundays Well
To be on Pa'na midday, would wipe these heartaches away