Light rock ballad

Men on white horses

Jenny at the window, her heart was heavy
Always at the window,  feeling low
Looked out the window  in pensive gazing
Watching the people come and go

Jenny was a loner, had nobody  
No one to visit, no one call
No one to miss her now that she’s gone
No on to catch her when she’d fall

Here they come, men on white horses
Riding clouds up in the sky
Now she’s with men on white horses
Jenny Dorsey goodbye, yeah
Jenny Dorsey goodbye
Na n na n na ha, na n na
Jenny Dorsey goodbye

She took a lover one Sunday morning
They made love all afternoon
In the evening he left for Texas
Never even told her his name

Jenny is a name now, it's on a tombstone
In a lonely grave yard on a hill
Nobody visits in that lonely grave yard
Nobody profits from her will