Contemporary Celtic with a hint of rock.  Some great clarinet playing by Paddy Cole on this track

Home again in Eireann

Oh to feel old Eireann's breezes in my hair
Oh to have my gentle Nora with me there
Ach, to sit with her beside the open fire
Ah to be home again in Eireann

Ach but I am sick and tired of working night and day
Only for Friday friends to drink away my pay
Many a time I vowed that I would steal away
And buy me a fare back home to Eireann

Winter a letter came, too late, too late I know
To tell of my dear old mother, she was sinking low
I was in Boston when they cleared away the snow
To lay her beneath the sod in Eireann

Every week I'm sending all my dollars home
To buy me a cut of land and build a home
Then from Nora's side I ne'er again will roam
And I'll remain at home in Eireann