Criost Liom

Several people have published videos of my song 'Criost Liom' on YouTube.  This one by  Richard Mure Exelby contains translations of the lyrics which, for the most part are correct.  Below are my original lyrics and translations which I used in the studio during the recording.  It's taken from my Dagda album 'Hibernia - the Story of Ireland'.

Criost liom - Criost romham
Christ with me - Christ before me
Criost ós mo chionn - Criost fum
Christ above me - Christ below me
Molaimid Iosa Criost - molaimid é ina Ghloir
Praise Jesus Christ - Praise him in his glory
In a fhior, in a shoilse is in a choir
In his truth, in his light and in his justice
Criost liom
Christ with me

Criost os mo chomhair - Criost ar mo chumhail
Christ in front of me - Christ behind me
Criost ar mo bheal - Criost i mo shuil
Christ on my lips - Christ in my eyes
Criost ar mo dheas - Criost ar mo chle
Christ on my right - Christ on my left
I mo dhiaidh - I mo luí
Christ around me - In my lying down
I mo sheasamh is i mo shuí
In my standing - in my sitting
Criost liom
Christ with me

Kyriea, Kyrie elaeson
Christie elaeson
alleluia a alleluia

Criost í ngeach chroi - Criost í ngeach ceann
Christ in every heart - Christ in every mind
Criost í ngeach laimh - Criost í ngeach chos
Christ in every hand - Christ in every foot
Criost í ngeach duine - na daoine a cuimhnionn orm
Christ in every person - Everyone who thinks of me
A labhraíonn liom, a fhéachann orm is a éisteann liom
Speaks to me, sees me or listens to me
Criost liom
Christ with me