Modern Celtic trip-hop. Was a hit for Tom Donovan in Denmark

A stór liom grá mo chroí

(Darling, love of my heart)

Her love, he sat down by her side
Saying that "the war would shortly part us
Cruel the fate that falls to us"
A stór liom grá mo chroí 

As he sailed out from the shore
Her poor heart was surely breaking
Praying for winds to bring him home
A stór liom grá mo chroí

But the wind that blows through the valley
Came in whispers, came in softly
Softly comes the banshee's lonely cry
His life is no more; his blood stains far off shores

So she wears a bonnet black
On her back, a shawl of grey
And in her heart, a sonnet blue
A stór liom grá mo chroí

Where he's lying in his grave
She must sail and kneel beside him
She will bend and whisper low
A stór liom grá mo chroí